Monday, May 2, 2011

Morning Ritual -AKA- Goddess time

With yesterday being Beltaine I though this would be a great time to talk about "Me" time. I usually get mine time early in the morning before Willow wakes up. An ideal morning starts at about 5am with Zumba or my hula hoop. I have been trying to work out for an hour each morning. Then I have my protein shake , coffee and check out my face book page. After I am informed of what is going on in my friends lives I go out and feed the animals. I don't love this so much in the winter but the rest of the time it's so very peaceful. Updating my blog has become part of my morning time and I hope to keep it current. With the weather getting warmer I will probably replace zumba with morning walks and tending the garden. I find that if I am able to get my "me" time in the rest of my day just works better. Here on While Tangerine Dreams is a post she wrote on her goddess time. No matter when you do it where in the morning or some other time make sure take some time for yourself.

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Simply Smitten said...

I agree, everyone should have 'me' time. It makes for a balanced and joyful life. I meditate every morning, it's just what I need to start each day! :)