Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Going Green the Update

I had a couple of goals for going green that I started at the beginning of Summer.
1, to only use reuseable bags when shopping.
2, to not use the dryer and wash in cold water.
3, to recycle as much as possible.
4, to install the wind turbine.
This is how it went,
I did use the reuseable bags most of the time. A couple of times I forgot them in the car and had to use the plastic bags. I did recycle them though :P I found when I first started using my own bags the cashiers where taken a bit back. I usually pack them myself since they packed them too light. It also seems like more people are using reuseable bags so they are getting use to them.
I have washed in only cold water and see no difference in my the cleaness of my clothes. I tryed to only dry the clothes outside but the weather was not on my side. I did limit the washing to days that were suppose to be clear but more than a couple of times it rained :( For the winter I am going to set up a line in the basement.
I set up a recycling center on our back porch. It does take a bit more time to sort the trash and I have had to pull things out of the garbage a couple of times.
The garbage collection we have does not pick up recycling so it needs to be taken to the center. I usually make sure I am headed that way so I don't use anymore gas. Our garbage has gone down alot. I hope sometime in the future they pick up recycling with the regular garbage.
The windturbine was installed last week. We have had a couple of really windy days. It is great to see it spinning and know that we are making our own electricity.
We really won't know how much until our next bill. Here are a some pictures of the wind mill.

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A Day That Is Dessert said...

Way to go - glad to hear you're making efforts to go green! We try too...my son's school has a huge emphasis on this (even has food waste bins in the classrooms) and it motivates us.

Saw your link on Soule Mama...happy weekend!