Thursday, October 2, 2008

Make your own Lavender Diaper Cream

When Willow was little I tried Burts Bees Diaper cream. I liked the product alot but not the high price. It's $7.50 for 2oz. I thought I can make something like this for less.
What you need.

Zinc diaper cream-I used the store brand
Lavender oil
Jar with lid- I got mine at the area craft store

You can also add other things such as vitamin E, sweet almond oil and rosemary.

Cut the diaper cream tube straight across the bottom of the tube. Squeeze the cream into the jar. I have a big jar so I use two tubes. Take the Lavender oil and pour some into the jar. I start with a small amount and add alittle untill I get it to a nice smooth texture. You will smell the lavender in the cream.

I make an 8oz container for under the price of a Burts Bees 2oz tube.

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