Monday, December 15, 2008

Face Book

I went and joined Face book, not like I have alot of free time :). I went to two high schools, one out of state so it is really nice to catch up with old and new friends. Let me know if you want to be my "friend" and I will add you.

On the home front today. It is frightingly cold today. Yesterday was in the high 40's now it below zero. Thankfully it is windy so the windmill is going full force. I just got our first fill bill for the propane tank. It was a crazy 907 dollars. Propane is about 70 cents a gallon more than it was last year! It was very cold last year and is suppose to be even colder this year. I am so glad we bought the wood stove, even though it is somewhat of a pain to keep going. It is totally worth it. Even if we lose power, and we do alot, you can cook on it also. Off to the studio with Willow. Have a great day.

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