Thursday, March 26, 2009

The economy and possibilities

Our economy is changing and people are thinking twice on how they spend their money. Is this a bad thing? not as far as I am concerned. Over consumerism is wasteful, why do we need the "newest" and "greatest" item to hit the market.

I am glad that more and more people are coming back to simpler way of doing things. That spending time with your family planting a garden instead of watching TV or baking bread and not buying it is on the upswing.

Being an independent artist I am happy to see that people want to know "who" has made their product. Imported goods have their place in our economy but I think we have fallen into a situation where to many of our products are made in other countries.

how much packaging does one item need? am I the only one who feels that packaging is excessive?
In the next couple of weeks I am going to have links to sites that have possibilities for the future :)


These link are also listed in Vol 3 of MaryJanes Farm magazine

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