Sunday, May 17, 2009



We have been very busy on the farm getting ready to plant. It has not been as rainy as last year, which is a good thing.
With the flooding we had last year we decided to move the garden up hill a bit. We don't have anything in the ground as it has been close to freezing some nights still. Brian has been cutting down dead or dying trees to use for fire wood next winter. Even with all we burned last year the tank still had to be filled twice to get through the winter. The tank is at 40% from the last fill now and hopfully that will last untill this winter. The wind has been very strong this spring, and the windmill has been turning almost nonstop. I have noticed a big difference in our electric bill.

We finally had the electric run to the barn, now Brian just has to put in the outlets and light fixtures. This will be a wonderful thing come next winter.

I am making beads 6 days a weeks most of the time. When the weather get warmer I am going to move my studio time to the early morning so I don't have to use the air conditioner at all this year. Along with beads I have a ton of creative things I am going to make time for this year. The fairy garden is taking shape this year. I will post pictures soon.

We did get to the Brookfield Zoo a couple of weeks ago, I posted some of our pictures form that day.
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