Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Soldered Collage Pendants

One of the ways to keep you jewelry designs fresh and new is to add new styles to your lines.  The Divas at Galena Beads thought having monthly creative sessions would be a great way to do this.  Last night was our first one of the new year.  We made soldered collage pendants.  I was going to take pictures but forgot as I got wraped up in the project :)  Here are some pictures to give you a idea of what I am talking about.
You can use almost any picture in these so you can make them as personal as you want.  There are wonderful etsy seller that have great collage pages to work with also.  Here are two site with instruction on how to make these pendants yourself
Graceful Designs
Simply Swank

Get a couple of friends together and start your own creative sessions, it's a wonderful way to get together and also learn somthing new. 

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