Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day after the show

It snowed the night before the show. We woke up to about 2" on the ground. I really hope this is the long snow we get, I am waiting on spring!. People come to the show anyways :) a couple of wonderful ladies even drove from the Chicago area. I got to meet a great customer of mine, Hi Sharon!. Doing the demo's brought people in from the street, and they oftened stayed to buy beads. I left alot of beads in the store and just went through my Etsy store to remove what sold at the sale. During the next week I will taking photos and putting beads in my Etsy store. I think I will even design jewelry this week!!!! I can't wait. Sending off jewelry and beads to magazine is going to have to fitted in there some where :) Busy week ahead for me. Check back early next week for a new give away also.

Here are a couple of beads pictures and my table.

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Sharon M. said...

Hi Back to You, Cathie! Your show display was spectacular, very eye-catching! All those gorgeous beads in one place, Wow! I'm so glad I got to meet you and watch you work with the glass. We've been telling all of our friends how much fun it was. Galena and Galena Beads are wonderful places to spend time, so much to see. Thanks for the encouragement to enter the Fire Diva's Spring Challenge-I'll do it! :) have a creative week!

Farm Girl Cat said...

Thanks Sharon ! It was wonderful to finally meet you :)