Saturday, March 27, 2010

Give Away -- Beads

I am heading off to the Madison Bead show in just a couple of mintues.  I had promised a give away yesterday but the day got away from me.  So here it is!!!!!!.  This is a small coin bead set that is perfect for earrrings.  They would work well in a bracelet also.  All you have to do to enter this give away is answer the question below in the comments.  I will pick a winner at the end of next week.

What is your favorite color combination


cjvierow said...

No doubt about it!! Blues and purples are the best--light or dark, they get me every time. CJ

HopelesslyAddicted said...

Wellll, purple, turquoise, and blue!!! But I also love the warm tones of smoked topaz, mocha, amber, bronze things too. SM

Carol Elise said...

The colors of Morracco. Purples, Blues, Oranges, etc

The Prickly Pinecone said...

It would have to be deep blue and turquoise. I am intrigued by the sea and those colors just have good memories!