Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two days before my show

I am finishing up with the last things I need to do before Saturday.  I stopped production yesterday to concentrate on carding and pricing.  This is a change from shows I have done in the past.  I would work on inventory up until the last minute.  It was crazy making.  Since it has been a while since I have done shows, I decided to make it a little easier on my self.  You are probably saying, hey when are you going to list some new stuff in your Etsy store also :P.  I know I haven't had any new things up in a couple of weeks.  As soon as this show is over I will be listing a lot of NEW styles of beads.  I even have some new mixed media things I will be listing.  My Etsy store will be on vacation mode tomorrow through Sunday.  All of my inventory will be going to the show with me.  So if you want something that is in my store now, get it before tomorrow as I can't be sure it be available on Sunday.  We have had great weather the last couple of days but a cold front is coming in for the weekend.  I hope that makes people want to stay in and shop :).  Have a great day.


Mama Feoneafey said...

I may not always comment, But I read everything you post and love your blog.

I have an award for you here

Ma Fey

Farm Girl Cat said...

Thank you so much ♥