Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

I really think every single day is "Earth" day. We all need to think of how we treat the earth and try to make it a better place. I am a crazy recycler and reuser. There is so much waste, our culture has a very disposible mind set. Think before you throw something away. Can I recycle this? Reuse it? Just to give you a couple of ideas you can use old yogurt containers to start seeds in. Old dishsoap containers can be used to spray you plants with soap water for bugs. That way you don't use hard chemicals either. My jewelry is very earth friendly, I alway look for ways to use what I have on hand in a new way.
Here is a link for my ideas for Earth Day

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Createology said...

Happy Earth Day to you also. We creative types have always recycled and used things in new and different ways. Happy creating...