Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fire Divas Spring Challange

The Fire Divas Spring Challange entries are up and ready for you votes. Follow this link to cast your vote

One of my customers, Sharon, entered this challange with one of my purple lentil beads. Her entry is number 10, my glass is sold under Magikal Glassworks.

This is what Sharon wrote about her entry.

My necklace submission for the Fire Diva's Spring Challenge surrounds the MagikalGlassworks focal bead with amethyst beads, pearl and crystal dangles, and Vintaj brass components. It can be worn in any season to remind those who love spring and lilacs and purple that they will indeed arrive!


HopelesslyAddicted said...

Hi Cathie, Thanks for showing my entry. Hope it showcases your beautiful purple bead! the last time I wore the necklace, another beader took a picture of it!

Farm Girl Cat said...

I told you this was BEAUTIFUL when I saw you in Galena! I hope you win!

HopelesslyAddicted said...

Yes, you did! Thanks for the support, it means a lot! I've seen the poll, though, so I'll be content with any votes that come my (our) way! It's a good experience, no matter what the outcome :)