Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Monday what did you do this weekend?

Well I went to the Madison Horse show on Sunday. It was my first time at a horse show and I had a great time. My friend Kim and I made a girls day out of it. We left at 7am and didn't get home until after 7 that night. There was soooooo much to see. I think we might have to do two days next year!. The shopping was unbelieveable!! I am going to start saving for next year now lol. One of the coolest things was beads!! yes beads!! I was able to pick up some very cool turquoise beads there. I even saw two vendor selling lampwork. Horses and beads how can you go wrong with that! With the warmers day finally here we are going to get in as much riding as we can here at the farm. Here are a couple of pictures of our horses. Have a great day!


HopelesslyAddicted said...

Hi Cathie, Love your horse! What is its name? I always had a horse when we lived on the farm, from age 10 to probably 25. Many memories. Wow, wish I had been along for the horse show and most of all, the beads!! Pictures? So I can drool some more. Would you consider being a vendor there next year? I should look into some horse events around here. Our friends are in a club and they go on trail rides together. Well, Happy Trails To You! LOL

Farm Girl Cat said...

I did think about vending there, but it is a three day show. I really don't like long shows. It was a blast. The horse in the picture is Missy and we have a pony named Koda.