Monday, April 26, 2010

Making Butter and Tattoo's

Sorry about not posting over the weekend. I was in Chicago getting a tattoo. More about that tomorrow :P Before I left I made homemade butter, it was very easy. The taste is wonderful. Take a look at this video, you can have fresh butter tomorrow. I will be getting ready for the Dubuque Farmers Market that starts this coming Saturday. A few more items to finish and I need to price alot of things. Check back tomorrow for pictures of my tattoo.

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HopelesslyAddicted said...

Hi Cathie, Just browsing around your blog, wondering what you're up to. Busy with things that grow - under the sun and under your torch! I just sent 64 pieces of jewelry up to Blue Vista Farm in Bayfield, You would love it there.
Glad your butter turned out, except it's hard to resist!