Friday, April 2, 2010

A New Magazine Must Have -- Jewelry Affaire

 I had to go to the "big" city yesterday to pick up my new glasses.  I alway try to hit my favorite stores when I am there.  While I was in Borders I saw the new magazine by Stampington & Co."Jewelry Affaire"  This is an amazing book.  There are so many ideas in this book you will be busy for months!.  It looks to me like each project has a tools and material list along with a step by step.  I am going to work on a couple this weekend and will post pictures next week. 


Star said...

Interesting magazine. I loved the red lace ear-rings. What are you going to make first, I wonder?
Blessings, Star

Farm Girl Cat said...

I am not sure I like so many of the projects!