Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring has finally Sprung!!

The Bead Divas along with trying new creative ideas are getting into shape too.  We started walking this week, most days we cover over 4 miles.  Luckly we live in a beautiful area that is very hilly.  That makes for a wonderful workout, and it's free!  Most of us work from home so the workout is also a great time to socialize and share ideas.  Tuesday we walked in Galena and stoped by Jess's newly organized studio.  I loved all of her creative ways to store things.  Feeling very motivated I went home and organized all of my beads.  It is so much easier to design when you can find what you are looking for.  Not to mention you "find" alot of thing you forgot you had ! Yesterday we walked by my house in the country 4.4 miles of beautiful country roads.  We took the dogs with us and even picked up a dog along the way.  He finished our walk with us too.  I hope with the warm weather you get outside and enjoy it.  Nature is also a great inspriation for jewelry. 


HopelesslyAddicted said...

Hi Cathie, Enjoyed reading about your walks and talks! Nice that you live close enough to join up. Hope Jess shares photos of her work area and you, too. You just went home and organized ALL your beads?? A great inspiration, but I'm so out of space. Also love the new rings!

Farm Girl Cat said...

Thanks Sharon, Jess says she will share a picture as soon as she gets it completely finished :P. I will be moving my two studio's into one this summer, I will post pictures of the new one.