Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring and the market

I have been really busy here on the farm trying to get ready to plant our garden. Like so many others we are tying to grow as much of our own food as we can. Last summer was so cold and we didn't get enough sun to have a good harvest. I am also doing the Dubuque Farmer market now every Saturday. We have to be up by 4am to leave the house by 5am. The market starts at 7, setting up can take an hour easily. This farmers market is really nice, they have music and lots of kids activies. With Mothers Day coming up I hope my sales are good. The earring display has to be redone, the wind blew them off. I hope to get that finished today. After I get into a routine I will have more beads to post. Until them check out this great bracelet one of my good customers made with one of my lentil beads. Thanks Sharon.

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HopelesslyAddicted said...

Hi Cathie,
Nice of you to post that photo! That lentil bead is so extra beautiful.
Hope you do well at the market this weekend, hopefully more people out and around. How well I know that 4 AM routine! It's so early, but you need the time. Can you believe they're predicting snow for our entire area? Just when things looked so green.
Write me any time!