Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coffee filter flowers

With the rain and the fact that the snow is finally melting, Willow and I have been doing some spring crafts. In our home-schooling week we try to have at least one day of crafts. This past week we made some coffee filter flowers. I am loving coffee filter!!! I have a bunch of other craft ideas bookmarked for last. Just google coffee filter crafts and you will be amazed at the things you can make with them. Willow and I used this site for our flowers, but as you can see she has a couple of other ways to use them too. There is not right or wrong way to color them, Willow wanted to draw with the markers so we did that method. I think she like the spraying of the water the best :P


Simply Smitten said...

Hello~ I just came upon your blog, drawn in by our similar interests! Looks like a fun day of schooling, I always love the craft days! :)

Farm Girl Cat said...

Hi, Craft day is the best :D I love it too. I will check out your blog today.