Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Design Anxiety

This is the jewelry I made, she picked the drop pendant on the silver chain, the Vintaj necklace with the ring. Pearl drop vintaj and silver earring and the faceted light yellow drop earring.

I am sure that all artists have had it at least once. I think custom work is the hardest to work through. Worrying if the piece will be the right color or style. We all have that design or idea that sits in our minds trying to make it' way to our finish product. That is frustrating but in a different way than custom work. What we the artist see is usually always much different than what the customer has asked for. Then there is making an gift for a person, working from what you know of that person. What we see as a persons style may not be what they see as their style. I experienced this a couple of weeks ago while making a birthday present for an old friend.

Shira and I have been friends for the better part of our lives. We are very different but we have a connection and know a lot about the other. She has a PHD and speaks publicly around the country, but is so not a stuffed shirt. In the past her style has been a bit edgy, though her jewelry is never big or bold. Drawing from this I wanted to make something slightly eclectic and also somewhat classic. She shuns the notion of "romantic" so I needed to make the design simply. I did ask her what colors she was liking right now she said "Merlot and Butter" yummy right :) so I only had to worry about playing with that color palette.

I did end up with a new line so to speak. I made a couple of different styles for her to choose from. In the end she ended up picking the jewelry that I had felt where "her"

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Simply Smitten said...

I realize for some artisans custom work is a huge part of their business. I am glad that is not the case for me! I found it very frustrating to know next to nothing about a person, and be expected to come up with a product they would adore. I've decided at this point to just create and list, that way a buyer knows exactly what they're getting from me! :)