Thursday, April 14, 2011

I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike

I pulled my old but in pretty good shape bike out of our pole barn. It has been there, never ridden since we moved here 7 years ago :( bad me. I was happy to find that all I need to do before I ride it is replace the tires and tubes. I will be doing a complete tune up just to be safe. Here is a site with lots of photos that show you what should be done when you tune up your bike.
Here is a picture of a similar looking bike, I love the vintage look of it and think this basket will be sooooo cute. I think I will make it in pinks and grays though.
We have a wonderful walking/bike path in Galena that follows the river and goes through the woods. Willow and I will be regulars this biking season. Have a great day and create something beatiful!


Aja Vaz said...

Awesome bike- I love the look of vintage bicycles :)
and here I was just about to walk out the door to enjoy a leisurely ride my little man!

Simply Smitten said...

Sounds like a wonderful path to ride, wishing you many hours of fun! :)