Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Dubuque farmers market

It was a good first day, saw a lot of old friends and meet some new great people. My spot is a little bit up the street now, but I an nearer to the main area so I hope there is more traffic.
A lot of the produce vendors didn't come as they didn't have anything ready yet :( it has been so cold here and nothing is growing like it should. I made some different thing and realize that I probably won't be bring baked goods. Stick to what you know, there is such a saturation of baked goods I don't need to compete with then when they have a following already. I sold a gourd bird house and some silverware garden stakes along with my jewelry. Even one of the tooth fairy tins sold :D Here are a couple of pictures from the market

Aprons and tutus

Earring door
Bracelet tray
Chocolate pretzels
As you can see the uploads from the phone to blogger gives the "nice" reflection :(

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