Monday, May 9, 2011

Simple Things

One of our main goal for moving to the country was to simplify our life. To a lot of people it probably doesn't seem like we have made our life more "simply" with the animals and the garden. Though we spend a lot of time and energy doing those kind of activities we feel they are more meaningful to us and our quality of life. One of my favorite things to do when the weather is good is hang my laundry out to dry. I try to add this to my morning ritual and even think of it as exercise :D Hanging your clothes not only extended the life of your garments it save energy. Windy days are wonderful here on the farm, looking over and seeing the windmill turn and watching my laundry blow in the wind is very satisfying.


Simply Smitten said...

Ohh, I so agree! This winter I got away from hanging laundry (by the woodstove downstairs) to save myself some time. I'm hanging back on the line again, and I actually look for things to wash and hang now! A neatly hung line is like beautiful yard decoration to me, I love it!!! :)

Off the Beadin' Path said...

I'm with you, Cathie! I look forward to hanging out the laundry, it's very therapeutic! Also adding a little reminder here, about the aqua lentil lampwork bead? There's no hurry, just know you're getting busy already this time of year.

Farm Girl Cat said...

Oh Sharon!!! :P it is on the list, I just really haven't made any beads seriously I promise soon very soon