Saturday, May 28, 2011

Farmers Market

Well I did go to the market today, Brian and Willow stayed home to get some much needed yard work done. The weather was a bit cloudy and chilly but the rain held off until we where almost packed up and then it only sprinkled. Sales where up from last year this weekend, but I still think I may be down for the month :( I will see if tomorrow at the Territory farmers market can bring it up. Jewelry and the silverware garden stakes were the big items today, you just never know. I did sell a gourd birdhouse and an apron. Guess I know what I am making next week. Someone from the city came around and took pictures of my display so maybe I will be in the paper or something :) Everyone on the street is so nice and friendly the time at the market just flys by. I am trying to get some planting done before I am too tired, that is the only bad thing about getting up at 4is I am ready for bed early.

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