Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I feel like I am behind

it's already Tuesday, and I have so much to get done before the weekend. Yesterday we spent the whole day planting the garden, good thing because it's raining here this morning. Again lol. I cleaned some gourds to make some more birdhouses. The silverware is pounded flat and ready to be stamped. I got up early this morning and planted a couple of plants so they could benefit for the rain. It feels like we are getting such a late start but the weather has been so unpredictable. This is going to be a fly by post so I can get as much done as possible, I am going to dinner and to see the movie Bridesmaid tonight with some girl friends. Have a wonderful day.

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Simply Smitten said...

That picture is absolutely gorgeous!! I bet you're happy the garden's planted. Have a fabulous night with your girlfriends! :)