Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Plans for today

Well since we are getting more rain today, or that's what they say :P We need to get some garden work done. I want to get some of the window screens cleaned so we can open all the windows without worrying about bugs. I did make beads yesterday and the kiln fairies were kind to me, I need to make more today. I will take pictures before I take them to their new home at
Galena Beads. Another thing I want to finally work on is my spinning wheel, I have had one for almost a year. I was gifted an Ashford wheel, ... I know I was very touched by the gift ♥ I love fiber and can't wait to get started on project. Here are some links for you to check out if you are interested in spinning wool on a wheel

Hands on Spinning
Spinning tips
Plucky Fluff

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Simply Smitten said...

Looks like great fun, can't wait to see what you create with it! :) Hmmm, rain? Sounds very familiar... we need some sun to balance out all the clouds! :)