Saturday, May 14, 2011

No market for us today

It's raining, windy and cold :( I hope we don't have too many more weekends like this, as we really rely on the income from the farmers markets.
Willow has her dance recital tonight and then another one tomorrow. That marks the end of dance for this year. I am not sure if we are going to take dance classes again in the fall as Willow has shown an interest in playing the violin. I played the violin as a child and young adult and never mentioned it to her, I wonder if it's a "family" things lol Now I need to find a violin and a teacher in the area. For the summer we are going to the reading program at the local library and swimming lessons. Swimming lessons are everyday for two weeks and the reading program is once a week. I try not to over activity our week and leave time for spur of the moment fun. What do you do as far as activities and outside classes?
I have also been on a quest for books to read to Willow about kids that are home schooled. A lot of the books we read are about kids "going" to school and I think it would be great to have books about home schooled kids. I want to stay away from religious based books and have only found two books that look like what I want.

Amazon carries both of these books - read about them HERE
If any of you home schooling families know of any others please let me know. I will add it to the list.

I also want to do a blog showcase, my sister Susan Lyon has started a blog. Susan is a wonderful
portrait artist, working in oil paints, charcoal and water colors. Susan and her husband Scott live in a small town in North Carolina. You can find a link to their web site near the bottom of my blog. Here is a link to Susan's blog - Susan Lyon Fine Art Welcome to the world of blogging :D

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