Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spending and your Crafty dollar

This post is about your crafty money, but I will be posting about spending in general later on. So how do you decide to spend you crafty dollar? Whether you are buying supplies or someone's handmade craft how do you do it. With online store such as Etsy's it is so easy to buy from all over the world. Do you look to see where a store is located or not? Are you shopping locally for handmade items, do you buy supplies online or from Hobby Lobby and Micheal's. Let me just start by saying that the internet allows me to buy things that I could not get locally easily. Love that! and while I do shop at Hobby Lobby and Micheal's for supplies I really do try to buy from small local stores first. A lot of smaller stores will order items that they don't carry for you if you ask.
The 3/50 project is a great way to support local stores. Check out the link to read how you can support local business. I consign jewelry in two local stores, they also have many other people that have handmade items for sale. Next time you need a gift or are thinking of buying something for yourself why not find something at a store like this instead of a big box store. One of the new blogs I have been reading had a great post for crafty online buying. Gingerbread Snowflakes has been putting a couple of dollars awhile all month long and at the end of the month she buys something from crafter online. I love this idea, I see so many things I want but with the economy we are all trying to cut back on spending. If we put a little bit away every week we can treat our self and spread the crafty goodness around. I will let you know what I buy with my savings.
Well I am off to the studio to make beads, I hope the glass and I are still friends.

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Simply Smitten said...

When looking for a gift now, for myself or others, I head to Etsy first. I find such amazing things and I love to receive something made with such love and care. I do frequent Michaels for supplies but have found the internet invaluable to me. Things I can't find locally are at my fingertips now, the internet is my best friend when it comes to crafting! :)