Friday, June 3, 2011

How I spent my crafty $ in May.... kinda

Well let me tell you what happened. I wanted to start out spending my crafty dollars with my "friends" as in peoples that I know well. I really wanted to give locally first, every month I will picking blogs or online stores to spend my crafty $. I have some June things in mind, I can't wait. So here is the "kinda" and what happened, my friends didn't want to take any money. I told them what I was doing and why they needed to take my money :D in the end we did a trade. I love trading so that worked for me. The roving came from my friend Mary and is for spinning and needle felting, this is going to be a future blog post and the dish cloth are from Janell and are handmade. I love washing dishes with these ♥ Let me know how you spend your crafty $ in May, and have a great day!


Simply Smitten said...

I love to barter! :) I definitely prefer using crocheted dishcloths, they're all I use now! I even taught myself to crochet so that I could make and sell them in my Etsy shop! :)

Farm Girl Cat said...

This is a comment from my friend Pam, the comment didn't go through

"I love that you have shared this post! And that you have made the decision to try to support members of your crafty universe - locally and on line.

Always tough with friends - doesn't seem to matter if you are on the buying or selling end - always awkward - great solution - trading!

LOVE the roving