Thursday, June 23, 2011

Want to get to know me better ?

I am sitting here with my 4th cup of decafe, reading my favorite blogs and forums thinking about my post this morning. I have a lot of ideas that are not ready for prime time yet. I saw this idea on one of the blogs and loved it. 100 things about me, I will start out with 10.

  1. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Oak Park to be exact.
  2. My sophomore year of high school I went to Olney Friends Boarding School
  3. I did accounting for 15 years,, it was very painful :)
  4. I love to create, and must do it everyday.
  5. I have lived with Brian for 16 years, we don't plan on getting married
  6. I was married twice before
  7. I have two grown children, Erin 30 and Tyler 26
  8. I am raising my granddaughter Willow 5
  9. I am 48 years young
  10. We live in NW Illinois on a 9 acre farmette
I just edited the title for spelling,, I am also a really bad speller :P

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