Friday, January 25, 2013

what I am doing instead of making jewelry

well,,, I am using up all of the material and diy things I have...  I am an overbuyer lol
tonight I am making lip balm.  Its really very easy,  you can find many, many sites with recipes.  Here is a basic one I use a lot. 
1TBS beeswax pearls
1TBS shea butter
2 TBS sweet almond oil,  you can use any carrier oil you want.  olive oil works fine
10-15 drops flavoring

melt all wax, butter and oil together in a double boiler,  a pot in a pot with some water in the bottom pot will work fine.  Once they are melted remove from heat and whisk flavoring in,  Working quickly pour the mixture into lip balm tins or tubes.  Let cool 20 minutes.

Tomorrow I am making soap.  I will post that recipe too

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